Monday, September 17, 2007


Give me passion
I want to burn for You
Give me desire
I need to be consumed

Why is it that I feel
Nothing inside
When I want so much
To feel so alive
Oh, I want to live for You

I want to burn, to feel the fire
Blazing, consuming my soul
Give me a zeal and love for You
That cannot be controlled

1 comment:

BekahTheJesusLover said...

That poem would make a very good song. I really like it.

I know this is completely random, but I found your site through the YLCF buddy map. Natalies' most recent post about getting together with her local YLCF girls inspired me to see if there were any in my area. I'm technically north of BR, so we're not that close, but I wanted to tell you I've enjoyed reading your posts. Feel free to stop off at my blog any time! :-)