Saturday, November 1, 2008

World On Fire

This is a video I first saw last year at the Collegiate Conference in Glorieta, New Mexico. My sister and I were talking about missions the other day, and we remembered this video. It is not put together by Christians, but it definitely emphasizes the principles that all Christians should live by. There are so many things that we can do to impact this world. We need to be willing to sacrifice the amazing recources that God has blessed us with. When I look just at all the possessions I have, things that I never use, I have to feel guilty when I remember those who have nothing. Just this morning at breakfast, my parents and I began talking about how wasteful we really are. Maybe it is time for us to take a step back and put our blessings to use for other people.

I have several friends on my college campus who are international students. The other day, I was helping two of my African friends study for their nursing exam. We started talking about the differences in health care in America versus the health care avaliable in their countries. In their countries, they said, people die quickly of diseases because there are no medicines avaliable. I told them that I want to be a nurse so that I can bring medicine to the people of the world that don't have any, and they both said, "Oh please, go to our countries and bring them medicines!"

Last week, I became really sick with a stomach virus and ended up in the hospital because I was so dehydrated. I was so thankful, though, to be able to get the care I needed! This is why I want to be a nurse. There are so, so many people who die everyday of diseases that are cureable with simple treatments! This video gives me such a passion for this world. There are so many needy people.

p.s. I'm sorry if you have this on a news feed and kept getting updates.... I had problems getting the video embedded right.

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