Tuesday, May 15, 2007


It's really amazing how God can change our plans so very quickly. I thought that I had everything planned out, but with just a little touch of His hand, He set all of my well-laid plans to spinning. This last year I just knew that this summer would be spent out on the mission field. I thought that God would be using me to assist in an orphanage in Bolivia or that I would be somewhere else that He sent me. I didn't know exactly what I was going to be doing, but I knew that this summer would be different from last summer. I definitely wouldn't be applying at that little hardware store again! And yet today I will be calling up my old boss, once again requesting a position in the very job that I vowed I would never take again.

I had so many wonderful plans for this summer. Even if I couldn't go overseas, I was certain that I could find a great job at a hospital. But when I did, I the hours were horrible, and I felt God telling me to turn it down. But I feel that although it won't be what I had planned, this summer will be wonderful because I will be following God's plan. I have to come to realize that even if I can't spend my summer ministering overseas, I must still use it for God. There are the street kids who need someone to love them, the Christians that I can encourage at school, and the people I can witness to at work. Wherever I am, my life must be God's. And I will use it, in every moment, to glorify Him.

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Kaylene said...

Hello Katie,
I read a comment of yours on YLCF and hopped over to visit your site.

I can very much identify with what you shared in this post, about God changing plans. I won't go into details, but I've wanted to be a nurse since I was very,very young and always loved babies and children. God has clearly begun leading me away from nursing school, I've been challenged to seek His face and to try to grasp His complete purpose for me. I'm still interested in Medical things and have worked in the nursing home setting and am a CNA. I am currently taking an A&P class (Crammed into 2 summer semesters), but from there I don't know. God is planning my future and for that I am thankful. I had it all planned out and fully expected that the way the Lord appeared to be leading, would be the track I would remain on for a while. My God is a God of surprises! I've enjoyed reading your blog. God bless!


PS.. My dearest friend just came home from serving for 3 months in a hospital near Cochabamba, Bolivia...and was also able to visit several orphanages! I was envious. :)