Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Wonderful Opportunity

This week I had one of the best experiences I've had in a really long time: I got to speak at a campus event! Not that it might sound like fun to most people. And actually, speaking in public isn't something I normally enjoy either. But this time was much different. God blessed me in such a special way this week through what happened.

A few months ago, a few of my college friends and I were talking about the Compassion International ministry, and we came up with an idea to host an event to raise awareness of needy children on our college campus and try to get people to sponsor a child. We agreed that a few different people needed to speak at the event, and I mentioned that I would be willing to speak if it was necessary. My family has been involved with Compassion ever since I can remember, so I knew I would have a lot to talk about. Well, the idea kind of just brewed for a month or so before the people in charge were able to really start any planning. (Because of my busy schedule, I wasn't really in charge of planning anything, just kind of like a side helper for Alicia, who was in charge of the event.)

Once the planning really got started, Alicia came up to me and said, "You know, the other day I heard you mention a friend who runs an orphanage in Bolivia. Since you seem to know a lot about that country, would you mind giving a little talk just highlighting the needs of that area? I would also like for you to talk about the orphanage if you can." I was totally shocked. Alicia had no idea how perfect that was for me! I can't even begin to say how thrilled I was to have that opportunity!!!.... My closest friends will tell you that I love the children of Bolivia, and I could talk for hours about the needs of that region. (I have been interested in Bolivia ever since I started learning Spanish in high school. I remember it was highlighted one day in our lesson, and something about the culture just captured my attention. Only a few weeks later I started reading a book called His Chosen Bride; one part of the book spoke about the utter hopelessness of the street kids in Bolivia, and I've been hooked ever since!) And as far as being asked to talk about Casa De Amor... well, I've loved that ministry ever since it began!! :-)

So this last week I spent several hours compiling all the information I've gathered over the years and putting it together into one 10 minute talk. I hadn't been working on it very long when I stopped to check my e-mail, and saw I had gotten a forward from an "e-mail/blogger friend". She was forwarding a story about the kids of Bolivia!! [Thanks D.--that article was very helpful! :)] I was so excited. It was just amazing how it all fit together. And the very day I gave the talk--April 7th--the sponsorship forms for Casa de Amor were finally made available. So after the whole event was over, we had at least 5 people agree to sponsor children through Compassion, and at least 2 children will be sponsored through Casa de Amor!!

It was such an exciting day. I was just so blessed to be able to talk about something I love so much that I wasn't even nervous at all. I think that even though not many people came the the event (it ended up being unusually cold, and we held it outside), the people that did come were really touched. And to me, if even one child's life is affected, it was totally worth everything!!

Note: If you want to sponsor a child through Casa de Amor, download this form.

And yes, I really did post this at 1:15. I was up talking to my friend Susie while she rocked her newborn baby. It was worth the lack of sleep. :D


Jennifer T. said...

Wow Katie, that is so neat to hear!! Thanks so much for being willing to share about our kids and ministry. I'm always going nuts here trying to do the "most urgent thing" when 80% of my long list seems absolutely urgent most days, so it's amazing to read about the good timing of the sponsorship form!

Thanks again for blessing Casa de Amor right in your part of the world. =)

Gallo Pinto2 said...

Completely and totally awesome how everything worked out! I agree that article was amazing and I love that Bolivian Children are getting the attention they deserve! And yea for kids being sponsored!!!!!

I'm counting the days...58 and I'll be with the babies again!