Saturday, May 30, 2009

"I love my sins too much"

I've been wanting to post for a while about an experience I had a few weeks ago. My sister and I just moved back in with our parents, and I had gone up to our on-campus apartment after work to pack up some boxes. A international student friend came by and offered his help, and since some of the boxes where pretty heavy and I was by myself, I let him give me a hand. He ended up staying for almost 3 hours, and we had some really good conversations. I love learning about new cultures and comparing them to my own (I guess my clinical teachers would call it becoming "culturally competent"), so we talked for a long time about school here, his family and home country, transition to the US, and learning English.

Finally, the Lord led me to ask him about his faith. I expected him to give me a quick answer and leave it at that, but (I think partly through our previous conversation) God opened up a door for me to witness to him for nearly an hour! He described himself as being an agnostic who thought of Christianity as "too simple of an answer for a complex problem" and he was seeking for the answers. I was encouraged to hear that he was seeking, and explained to him that Scripture says those who seek Christ with their whole hearts will find him. But it really saddened me when he said, "I just love my sins too much" to follow Christ.

He has just moved back to his country. I pray that the Christians he saw here will have left a lasting impact on his life, and he really will seek after Christ. There were several people here who were witnessing to him. I've been praying for him a whole lot the past few weeks. Maybe God will place other Christians in his life back home that will continue to witness to him.

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Kaylene said...

I loved reading this Katie! Even though it IS heart breaking to hear people so bluntly say why they reject the opportunity to surrender their lives to a loving heavenly Father. Anyways, I enjoyed reading this because its so encouraging to hear testimonies of others sharing Jesus. I am AMAZED how God steps in and does the "work" for us, if we'll just make that initial step of faith and bring The Subject up. Blessings and may you have many more opportunities like this one! I trust the Lord really used you to plant or water a seed in this man's life.