Saturday, February 3, 2007

*sigh* again....

Sometimes I think that its going to be a lonnng four years until I become a nurse.... I hate having to stay behind and study when everyone else is having fun. I am hoping that I can finish this assignment (that I don't understand at all because my teacher never explained it--just assigned and said "Oh, it's due next Wednesday") this morning so I can go watch a movie with Carly this afternoon. She's going to be leaving for a whole month to go to Papua New Guinea in just a week, and I haven't had a chance to hang out with her in forever. But I have so much stuff to do.... *sigh*


LM said...

Hi Katie! I'm a frequent visitor on YLCF and from there I chanced upon your blog. You sound like quite a kindred spirit! I love several of your favourite books and movies. I'm also a nursing student. I finish this May. :-) I can relate to how challenging and time-consuming nursing school can be, but it's so rewarding, too. Best wishes!

In Him,

Katie said...

Thanks Laura! I am glad to have you visit! And thanks for the encouragement about nursing school... I need all the prayers I can get! As hard as it is, though, I really do love it. :)