Sunday, February 18, 2007

Spring Dreams

Every year, I just love it when the azaleas bloom. For me, it always marks the start of spring. Walking around campus the past week, I have seen azalea bushes everywhere that are just bursting with buds. Our azalea bushes, however, don't seem to think that it is spring quite as soon as all the other bushes. I don't know why, except that maybe it is because they get so much shade where we have planted them. But today when I walked around corner of the house, I saw a bunch of beautiful pink buds. The bushes aren't in full bloom yet, but I know that spring will be here soon! I picked as many as I could and arranged them in a bowl. I can't wait for the hawthorn bushes to bloom. The white blooms look beautiful when arranged with the azaleas.

I also checked on my Spanish irises while I was in the garden, and I think I felt the beginnings of some buds deep in the stems. I hope that they bloom this year! I haven't had much success with them the past few years, but they seem much healthier this year then they have before. So hopefully in about a month, we'll be enjoying irises as well! I just love irises. They are so brilliant, yet so delicate. Even though they live for such a short time, they are still some of my favorite flowers.

This time of year always makes me so happy. I feel like I just have to escape outside to breath in spring. It always make me want to get my hands in the garden and plant things. I wish that I had time for that. Sometimes I feel like the beauty outside is almost calling to me!

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